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The Spirit of Hoo-Hoo

The Spirit of Hoo-Hoo


The spirit of Hoo-Hoo is expressed in the nine fundamental values that encourage members to be fraternal, helpful, grateful, friendly, tolerant, progressive, industrious, loyal, and ethical. Hoo-Hoo believes that these nine points are the building blocks of the “Golden Rule”. Hoo-Hoo members are expected to practice these principles in both their business and personal lives. 

What are the Hoo-Hoo Values?

  • Fraternity & Fellowship-Uniting the Forest Products Industry

  • Goodwill Towards Others

  • Service to the Industry

  • Relationship Building

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Educating the Next Generation

  • Keeping the Heritage of Hoo-Hoo Alive and Well

  • Service to the Community

  • And Funship

Hoo-Hoo Code of Ethics – Our Aims


  1. To fill with credit the sphere in which we are placed without interfering with the rights of others.

  2. To promote human advancement and higher standards of civic, social and economic relations by developing in business the spirit of the Golden Rule, which we accept as the basic principle of peace and prosperity for the world.

  3. To establish the spoken word on the basis of the written bond.

  4. To cultivate true friendship and therefore confidence among persons engaged in the lumber industry.

  5. To conduct ourselves and our business so that we may render service to society.

  6. To consider our vocation worthy and to be worthy of our vocation as the Nation's home builders.

  7. To assist liberally and sympathetically all that seek to elevate humanity, by charity of action and thought and by justice to all.

  8. To keep in view the world bonds of human interest and trade, seeking to promote friendly understanding among all nations and races.

  9. To recognize the abiding power of cooperation and organization and so to act as individuals that the International Concatenated Order Of Hoo-Hoo shall ever be regarded with honor as a source of community benefit and goodwill.

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